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That was completely bonkers!!

By handmadecraftcompany, Jun 17 2017 11:00AM

I never thought I'd get so drawn into an awards process but The Muddy Stiletto Awards certainly brought out my competative side!!

I was addicted to checking the cocktail glasses and percentage of votes on their website!!!

The last 30 minutes was hilarious and frantic in the shop, we were grabbing (politely I may add) each customer that was coming in and asking them to log on and vote. It was so close between us and The Corner Shop at Woolhampton, with both of us swapping between 1st and 2nd place every few seconds it seemed!! There were literally decimal places of a percentage in it!!

Then right at the last minute the website went down...aaaaahhhhhh!!!

We then had a long and agonising 5 hour wait to hear confirmation of who had won 1st place........

The results were in.......the screams from myself and Gayle of Enchanting Glass Designs who I share my unit with I'm sure could have been heard for miles around! :)

The Handmade Craft Company had won!!! Hooray!!!!

It means so much to me, the lovely ladies that work for me and to all the talented crafters that hire shelves from me to sell their amazing, different and quirky creations.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our customers, friends and families that supported us by voting and spreading the word :)

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